Curvy Furniture & Decor

Arcs and curvy shapes have been making their way into interiors for a while now. First, crescent sofas, tulip and egg chairs, and round rugs took centerstage. home decor trends are moving further than curved

The sleek modern kitchen decor ideas

Kitchens aren’t just where you cook, they are also gathering and entertaining spaces, and for many, the heart of the home. Whether you want a kitchen that is bright or subtle, monochromatic or colourful, your

Interior trends: what is nautical decor style?

Defined by a natural colour palette inspired by the sea, unlike coastal decor, which reflects the natural elements of coastal living through your interiors, nautical decor focuses more on its motifs. Think cabana stripes, seashell accents,

Contemporary Design Style Ideas

Contemporary interior design is a diverse style, changing with new innovations and trends. As such, it’s also one of the most covetable. Since we love it so much, we’ve put together a list of some

Inviting Modern Rustic Living Room Design

Are you thinking about giving your living room an inviting rustic makeover? after design journey might provide the motivational boost you need! Drawing inspiration from natural elements as well as minimalist touches, our designer created

Opel Kadett C

The Opel Kadett C is a small family car which was produced by the  automobile manufacturer Opel. The Kadett C, which was the third generation of the Opel Kadett, was released in August 1973, and was Opel’s version of the General Motors’ “T-Car”. It

Volkswagen Caddy

The Volkswagen Caddy is a panel van and leisure activity vehicle (M-segment) automaker Volkswagen Group. More innovative and versatile than ever before, meet the Volkswagen Caddy. In addition to a new, sleek design, it features a wealth of new features, smart Driver Assist systems, a

Kia Niro

The front part extended the Tiger Face design from the hood to the fender. A C-pillar integrated with a boomerang-shaped LED rear combination lamp was applied to the side, and a vertical LED rear combination

Volvo XC40

Volvo has a reputation when it comes to high-class safety-it’s actually one of the main things it’s known for. Volvo even pioneered the Side Impact Protection System, also referred to as SIPS. All Volvo vehicles

Peugeot 308

The third-generation 308 was unveiled. The vehicle is based on the third-generation of the EMP2 platform which made its wheelbase grow by 55 mm (2.2 in) and is shared with the second incarnation of DS 4 as well as the sixth generation Opel


You’ll hike along the Costa Brava and coast with spectacular views, secluded coves with hidden beaches and picturesque fishing towns. The area was popular with famous artists like Picasso, Dali and Matisse. You can even

7)Ways to Make Your Hike Easier So You Can Go

1) Hike Slow and Steady It’s much easier for your body to hike at a slow pace, even if it’s a turtle-like pace, that you can maintain for miles of trails without having to stop for

The best time to visit Dubrovnik

visit to Dubrovnik It has marble flagstones and rugged walls give this lovely city – Croatia’s most popular – a timeless feel. But the seasons vary hugely in Dubrovnik. Choosing the best time to visit depends


These multi-day Arizona road trips do it all. They take you off the path and they lead you to surprising attractions. We give suggestions for more things than you could ever possibly see and do,

Things To Do In Galveston

Are you curious about things to do in Galveston? Maybe you are planning a trip and trying to figure out if Galveston is the right fit for you. Here is a list of things to

Methods for Photographing Botswana’s Awesome Elephants

Capturing Scale of an Elephant When dealing with an animal as enormous as an elephant, I typically like to head in one of two main directions with my photography.  I either want to fill the frame with

Camera Settings For Wildlife Photography

Cameras typically have four main modes—Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual—represented by the letters P, A, S and M. My photo tour clients frequently ask which are the best camera settings for wildlife photography.

Fall For The Wild

Autumn colors provide a uniquely beautiful backdrop for wildlife photographs Fall ushers in new frontiers for wildlife photography. The shortening of the days profoundly both plants and animals, and there’s a sense of quickening to

Illuminate Your Subject With Rim Light

Regular readers of my weekly tips know what I’m about to say regarding the concept of light. But if you’re not a regular reader and are just beginning to study them, memorize the following: The

How to take the Wild Images In Your Wildlife Photos

What makes some wildlife images more powerful than others? I’ve had this discussion with numerous photographers many times. Some of the characteristics that were cited include great action, humor, fantastic settings and clean backgrounds. Given