You’ll hike along the Costa Brava and coast with spectacular views, secluded coves with hidden beaches and picturesque fishing towns. The area was popular with famous artists like Picasso, Dali and Matisse. You can even visit Dali’s house en route while hiking.

Despite the beauty of the area, once you’re out of the villages you’ll see few other hikers. You’ll experience a unique mix of solitude with dramatic windswept seaside cliffs. You’ll arrive around mid-afternoon each day to a fishing village where you’ll have time to relax or do some sightseeing. You’ll definitely want to reward yourself with the freshly caught fish of the day.

This self-guided hiking tour gives you the freedom to hike on your own, at your own pace, stopping as little or as much as you like. We’ll provide you with a map, detailed instructions and an easy-to-use GPS pre-programmed with your route so that you can easily see if you’re on the right track. Your tour includes an in-person briefing so we’ll show you how to use the GPS and answer any questions you have.

We take care of the route planning and have chosen the most scenic coastal paths that take in some fantastic cultural sights like a visit to Salvador Dali’s house, one of the most important monasteries, and the  Exile Memorial at the border. where you can also visit a castle.

We take care care of the time-consuming hassles of booking accommodation in two different languages and arrange for your luggage to be transferred each day.  We’re also only a phone call away if you need something while on your tour.

Arrive in Barcelona

travel over there with Your guide will give you an orientation, the pre-programmed GPS device, along with a demonstration of how to use it, your itinerary with step-by-step instructions, hotel information and tourist information of what else you can see and do in the area. After your orientation, you’re free to on your own. We recommend taking a walk to this gorgeous seaside village.

Cadaqués – Cap de Creus – Cadaqués

Today you’ll embark on a beautiful walk that takes you right by Salvador Dali’s house. It’s located right on the coast and near the start of your hike. It’s available by a guided tour only and takes ~ 30 minutes. After visiting Dali’s eccentric house, you’ll make your way to the Cap de Creus the most easterly point of mainland Spain. Here you’ll get some spectacular coastal views. The rock outcrops are one of the most significant features. You may find yourself getting carried away by your imagination. Visitors often report seeing images of real or animals in the area. You can then make your way back or call a taxi to take you back to Cadaques.

This coastal hike is a self-guided tour. You get the flexibility and freedom of starting your day when you choose. You hike at your own pace and take breaks whenever your heart (or lungs) desire. Or you simply want to enjoy the scenery or go for a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. Spend as little or as long as you want at the cultural highlights along the way.

We’ll take care of booking your accommodation and provide you with a pre-programmed GPS so you won’t get lost and instructions in English. We’re there for you prior to and during your trip. Ask all the questions you want. You’ll also get an in-person orientation and we’re only a phone call away if you need anything while on your tour.

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